Station Fire Update – Tuesday, 9/1/2009

As of noon today ( Tuesday) here’s the latest…

The Station Fire is now more than 121,000 acres burned. Largest fire in Angeles NF History. Containment is still 5 percent, with 100 percent containment not expected until September 13th.  Some specifics:

Fire has moved through the Charlton Flats area, Vetter Mountain lookout is still standing though also still threatened.

Fire has overtaken the Chilao  area. The status of Newcombs Ranch is unknown.

Fire has run up Mount Mooney. The status of Stony Ridge Observatory is unknown.

Hidden Springs Cafe is gone. The Wildwood House is gone.  Shortcut Fire Station ( below the tower) is damaged but is still standing.  Monte Christo Fire Station lost one structure and all residences, and the station may be gone.

The Abbey has been evacuated.

To all who want to know what you can do to help: contact one of the evacuation centers and ask them what their needs are.

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