Members Only Access

One of the key features of this website is that it is the main place to view the scheduling calendar for each lookout tower.  This information is protected from the general public and can only be viewed by active ANFFLA Fire Lookouts.  There are also communication features on the website that the ANFFLA Board will be using to contact members.

It is very important that all ANFFLA Fire Lookouts be registered on the website and apply for the role of "Fire Lookout".

Here’s how…

  1. First, register on the website by creating a new account.
  2. Then, after you log in to the website with your new account click on the ‘My account’ link in the left sidebar.
  3. On the account page, click on ‘Apply for role’, it’s the second tab above ‘Personal Information’.
  4. The website admin will approve you for the role of Fire Lookout (if you are indeed an active member of the ANFFLA!)

If you have any questions or for some reason aren’t able to complete this process, please do e-mail the Webmaster at