2024 New Volunteer Registration

Step 3: Complete Registration Form

Reserve your training classes, submit all required information to become a fire lookout, and pay for your training materials and make a deposit for your uniform.  NOTE: Every individual who will be participating needs to complete the registration form.  Due to limited availability, anyone who has not completed the form will not be admitted to training even if accompanying someone who did register.

1Class Selection
2Personal Info
3Emergency Contact
4Demographic Info
5Payment & Confirmation

We're pleased to invite you to become a Volunteer Fire Lookout with ANFFLA for the 2024 season!

There are two options for training this year, you must select ONLY ONE when completing your registration below as there is limited space at each one.  You will only be allowed to attend the class that you select when registering, so please choose carefully.

Training Class Selection

Please select one of the two class options above.

  • Option 1: One Saturday Class, March 16, 9am - 4pm
  • Option 2: Two Weeknight Classes, Monday, March 11 and Wednesday, March 13, 6pm - 9pm both evenings (you must attend BOTH classes)

Class sizes are limited by available space. You may only attend the class that you register for here.

Which lookout location do you think you would you like to work? (For your first year you will be limited to one tower, but in the future you can be trained to work both.) This is not a final selection, you will make your final selection during training.